Advanced PC Shield 2012

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Remove Advanced PC Shield 2012. Description and removal instructions

Title: Advanced PC Shield 2012
Type: Malware
Severity scale:  (80 / 100)

Advanced PC Shield 2012 is a corrupted antivirus that is distributed using illegal and offensive techniques like faked flash updates, infected webpages. Typically, this rogue installs using various vulnerabilities in your browser, OS or just because one uses no Antivirus programs. Advanced PC Shield 2012 is extremely dangerous, as it asks for user to pay for removing parasites that are not there for real.

Advanced PC Shield 2012 will block legitimate programs from being executed, as they are “infected” with various kinds of malware. However, this is just another scam to force users to try to fix PC by using full version of this scareware. No detection of Advanced PC Shield 2012 is real, and you should not pay for it under any circumstances.

Additionally, Advanced PC Shield 2012 will bomb you with popups and alerts. These alerts will claim about serious infections as well, however they can be ignored as everything this malware says.

To remove Advanced PC Shield 2012 follow our guide.

1. Download TDSS Killer and Process explorer on safe PC.

2. Move them to infected PC and launch them just after system reboots (process explorer first).

3. Kill Advanced PC Shield 2012 processes.

4. Scan with TDSS Killer to remove Zeroaccess or TDSS rootkit from the system that comes preinstalled with Advanced PC Shield 2012

5. Scan PC with reputable anti-malware programs and delete Advanced PC Shield 2012 files.


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Automatic Advanced PC Shield 2012 removal:

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Advanced PC Shield 2012 manual removal:

Kill processes:

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Delete registry values:
hkey_current_user\software\microsoft\windows\currentversion\internet settings\zonemap\ranges\range1

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delete files:
%documents and settings%\[username]\application data\2b16d9f2146443b3.exe %windows%\system32\drivers\2f1e76264f11ec54.sys (rootkit driver related to zerroacces or tdss). %documents and settings%\[username]ocal settings\temp\vgx1.tmp %documents and settings%\[username]ocal settings\temp\vgx2.tmp %documents and settings%\[username]ocal settings\temp\vgx3.tmp %documents and settings%\[username]ocal settings\temp\vgx4.tmp %documents and settings%\[username]ocal settings\temp\vgx5.tmp %documents and settings%\[username]ocal settings\temp\vgx6.tmp %documents and settings%\[username]ocal settings\temp\vgx7.tmp %documents and settings%\[username]ocal settings\temp\vgx8.tmp

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