Google redirect hijacker

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Remove Google redirect hijacker. Description and removal instructions

Title: Google redirect hijacker
Type: Browser Hijackers
Severity scale:  (71 / 100)

Google redirect hijacker is a type of malicious software that may occasionally redirect users’ Google, Yahoo!, Bing search results to completely unrelated websites full of targeted advertisements. Most of the time, the websites that users are being redirected to are not malicious. Scammers use browser redirect and click fraud components to monetize botnets. Once user clicks on a search result in Google or any ther web search engine, he is immediately redirected to a web page full of ads. If you have the same problem, usually defined as Google redirect hijacker, your computer is infected with malware. Most likely, it’s a rootkit with additional components used to redirect search results. It could be the ZeroAccess rootkit or TDL3/4 infection. You can use TDSSKiller and ZeroAccess removal tools to check if your computer is infected with any of these rootkits. Both utilities are free. Then you should scan your computer with Spwyare Doctor or any other anti-spyware software to remove other malware from your PC. You can also read What to do when Google/Yahoo/Bing results are redirecting? for more information about the browser redirect problem and possible removal methods. 

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