Google redirect

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Title: Google redirect
Type: Browser Hijackers

Remove Google redirect . Removal instructions

Also known as: Google redirect virus
Severity scale:  (80 / 100)


Google redirect removal is one of the biggest problems in the cyber world these days because you can’t remove it simply with one click of the mouse. Trying to be more precise, this problem is caused by rootkit viruses that unnoticeably enter poorly protected systems. In addition, rootkits change some system parameters what causes redirects on your browser. Note that this virus affects not only Google browser but other browsers, such as Bing or Yahoo, as well.

From the first glance, it may seem nothing dangerous when you start finding yourself redirected to different address than you were trying to reach. However, you must know that internet redirects may also eave your PC vulnerable to other threats who may steal your personal information. Google redirect virus can also be blamed for making your computer slow. This threat of high risk must be eliminated as soon as it starts interrupting into your browsing. So, use this guide ‘What to do when Google/Yahoo/Bing results are redirecting? for Google redirect removal.

Automatic Google redirect removal:

remover for Google redirect

STOPzilla is recommended remover to uninstall Google redirect .

Note: Tested and Confirmed means that we have tested spyware remover with multiple version of Google redirect and
got the best results. There might be updated or modified version of particular parasite that require manual killing of parasite process or an update.
In such case try other removers in the line.

Manual assistance required mean that one or all of removers were unable to remove parasite without some manual intervention,
please read manul removal instructions below.

If you failed to remove Google redirect using STOPzilla please report this to us.

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