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Remove Redirect virus. Description and removal instructions

Title: Redirect virus
Type: Browser Hijackers
Severity scale:  (72 / 100)

Redirect virus is a term used to describe a widespread problem caused by malware, usually advanced one that may hide deep in the system and avoid antivirus software detection. Most of the time, users complain that they have Google redirect virus, but actually it doesn’t matter what search engine you use. Redirect virus may affect all major search providers, Yahoo, Bing and some others. This virus may redirect specific users only and display targeted advertisements. Owners of  websites involved in search redirects may not know that they participate in such scheme, however, most of then probably are aware of this. Computers are infected with Redirect virus when they are vulnerable to certain exploits. Once your computer is infected, malware use various components to initialize search redirects by analyzing your browsing behavior and search terms. More advanced malware turns off security software to protect itself from being removed. Hosts file modification is one of the most popular methods used to redirect specific websites to adware. Search redirects are somehow more advanced because there are more signals that have to be analyzed before redirecting users to specific websites. Redirect virus is a very common problem nowadays and there are many solutions available on the Internet but after all your problem can be somehow unique and may require detailed analysis. However, before taking your computer to computer repair store, you should read the following article and follow the directions: What to do when Google/Yahoo/Bing results are redirecting? Also, to make sure that your computer will not get infected with the Redirect virus, install reputable anti-virus and anti-spwyare application, for example Spyware Doctor. 

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