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Remove Personal Shield Pro. Description and removal instructions

Title: Personal Shield Pro Also known as: Personal Shield Pro v1.0, PersonalShieldPro
Type: Spyware
Severity scale:  (72 / 100)

Personal Shield Pro is a fake anti-spyware application that enters a computer with the help of Troja, malicious software and infected wbsites. It is from the same family as Antivirus Scan and Antivirus Action. Once installed, Personal Shield Pro will display fake security alerts and warnings about computer infections and attacks from the internet. The rogue application will block almost all programs to protect itself from being deleted or disabled. To make things even more complicated, it will hijack Internet Explorer and change LAN Settings. Personal Shield Pro v1.0 enables proxy server for LAN and blocks security related and antivirus software websites.

Personal Shield Pro is also distributed using social engineering. The main goal of PersonalShieldPro is to trick you into purchasing the program. In order to achieve its goals, the misleading application will simulate a system scan and report false scan results. The rogue program will state that your computer is infected with Trojans, worms and spyware Then it will ask you to pay for a full version of the program to remove the infections which do not even exist. Do not purchase it!

What is more, Personal Shield Pro will display a legitimate looking Windows Security Center and state that Windows did not find any anti-virus software on your computer and that Windows are not updated. Obviously, the rogue program will suggest you to active Personal Shield Pro in order to protect your computer. When this fake anti-spyware application is running, you will also see many fake security alerts. Some of them will state:

Your computer is being attacked by an Internet Virus. It could be a password-stealing attack, a trojan-dropper or similar. Threat: Wind32/Nuqel.E

As you can see, Personal Shield Pro is a scam and useless application. Before you can remove this infection you have to end all processes associated with Personal Shield Pro malware or reboot your computer in safe mode with networking. Otherwise you won’t be able to run any anti-spyware/virus software. You can remove it manually but we strongly recommend you to use an automatic removal tool because the rogue application may come bundled with other malware.

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