Webroot Spy Sweeper Review

webroot spy sweeper reviewWe’re going to take an overall look at Webroot Spy Sweeper and see what this anti-spyware software is all about. With all the different anti-spyware programs in the market it is difficult to decide which one is the best for you. Specifically we will look into how this software works, its features, and customer support. With this information you can determine whether this software is right for you.

This award winning software is advanced anti-spyware detection and removal software. With Webroot Spy Sweeper you can easily and effectively remove even the worse malware (malicious software) from your PC with a single sweep. You don’t have to restart your PC or rescan it a number of times, like with other software, it’s all done and your PC is ready.

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Spy sweeper also offers a real-time anti-spyware solution. This new version of the software is at the leading-edge of spyware removal technology. It stops threats like Trojan – Downloader – Low zones and Spy Sheriff from ever being able to install on your PC to begin with. It also has enhanced rootkit discovery methods. Malware uses sophisticated root kit technology to hide and bury itself deep within your computer. With Webroot Spy Sweeper you can find and destroy programs using their advanced root kit technology. This is something that other anti-spyware software programs lack.

This software uses Webroot’s patented technology, VersionGuard, to ensure you are always protected with the most current updates of Webroot Spy Sweeper. Since your computer is always updated to protect against emerging threats, you don’t have to worry about outdated security.

Webroot Spy Sweeper is very easy to use, it installs quickly on Windows 7, Vista, and XP. It also features customized options and a simple to use Security Console and that makes scanning effortless. It also has a fast setup and automatic threat updates, that makes this technology easy to use. And since the scan is done in the background, it also has a minimal impact on your computer’s resources and performance.

With Webroot Spy Sweeper you get free US-based customer support. So if you have any problem with the software you have an excellent team to help you resolve any issue that may arise. And on top of that you get a 30 day money back guarantee no questions asked, so your purchase is risk free.

This software also provides you with a flexible pricing method. You can either buy for multiple years or add PCs to your subscription. And if you get a new PC your software is transferable to the new system and you don’t have to repurchase the software.

After conducting extensive online product research on this anti-spyware software we found that Webroot Spy Sweeper is an effective protection for any PC against malicious software. It has constant threat updates to keep your system protected, it is easy to use, it is effective at removing even the most difficult to find threats, it has great customer support, and provides a 30 day guarantee. Because of this, we feel very comfortable in recommending this product to anyone who wants to protect their PC and their data.

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